Cleaning London

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Your New Kitchen Look: Easy & Affordable

New England style kitchens are quite hip at the moment, and their worn even Spartan designs are quite attractive to many people. With all the trendy terms and catchy phrases describing the

Give Your Bathroom That Hotel Look & Feel

The bathroom is one of the key areas of the house where people are constantly looking for improvement of functionality and style. Usually, full scale bathroom makeovers can end up costing thousands,

Upgraded Cleaning Supplies – Simple Innovations – Big Benefits

There are many avid home cleaners out there who like to keep their home as clean and neat as possible at all times. No matter how keen one is on house cleaning

Advanced Abrasives Allow Cleaning For More Cleaning Industry Precision

Companies and manufacturers which deal with formulating and production of special purpose cleaning products and materials, have focused their attention on abrasives, particularly abrasive materials, not products containing abrasive particles. Many of

How Tequila Manufacturing Helps The Cleaning Industry Be More Sustainable

Tequila is the drink of choice for most spirit drink enthusiasts in Mexico. This potent alcoholic beverage is made of the agave fruit which grows in many parts of Mexico. Technically, it

The Next Generation of Carpet Cleaning Systems

Professional carpet cleaning has proven to be the only effective way to maintain proper hygiene throughout the depth of the carpet without damaging its appearance or characteristics. Up to now, the more

Innovative Laundry Products

There have been many examples of innovative, highly effective laundry products through the years, though all of them have used one chemical or another to do their job properly. Chemical engineers engaged

Ozone Cleaning Systems

Chemists and scientists engaged in the design and creation of new cleaning systems for domestic and commercial purposes have long been looking for an eco-sustainable cleaning treatment with the same high effectiveness

Green Cleaning Products Are Going Hi-Tech

Everything seems to be going hi-tech these days, and green cleaning products make no exception. Ecofriendly cleaning systems are yesterday’s news and since their introduction, they have retained a decent portion of

Concentrated Cleaning Products

The cleaning products industry turned its eye toward concentrated cleaning products a number of years ago. Initially, many critics believed that concentrating of cleaning product formulas will only eat up more resources

How to clean a fridge

Refrigerators just like all kitchen and household appliances require cleaning or they begin underperforming which can lead to a lot of rotten food and nasty odors. Begin the fridge cleaning by removing

How to clean a fireplace

Having a fireplace in the living room is great as it keeps you warm during the cold months and adds a more stylish feeling to the room all year long. However there

How to organize your cleaning routine

Between going to work and taking care of the children, maintain a clean household sounds like an impossible task. But there is nothing impossible if you can organize your time and divide

How to clean upholstered furnishings

Upholstered furnishings are beautiful but they require a lot of care as well. If you have just furnished your living with a new set of upholster furnishings here are some cleaning tips

Very effective homemade stain removers

Today we will turn your attention on several homemade stain remover recipes which you can use to remove even the most resilient stains from your household features. Baking soda stain remover: Believe

How to have clean curtains

A lot of people neglect the maintenance of their curtains without realizing that this ruins the window treatments and adds a grim touch to their interior ambiance. If you wish to learn

How to clean a glass stovetop

Even though glass stoves are esthetically good looking they are very hard to keep clean. However there is an easy way to keep a glass stove clean and if you continue reading

How to clean a cooking stove

In this article we will present to you a six step tutorial which you can use to clean your kitchen stove. Step 1: If your stove works on gas, turn off the

Homemade cleaning remedies

You will be amazed how many things within your household you can clean with homemade cleaning remedies that you have made on your own with everyday ingredients. If you don’t know how

Three ways to clean your oven

The oven is one of the household appliances that accumulate the most dirt and stains. This makes the oven cleaning an essential routine that must be done at least once a month.

Double Duty Household Items

Nowadays household products are meant for one purpose only – and that is their intended purpose. However, crafty homemakers have found numerous clever uses for items which don’t seem to serve another

Storage and Hygiene Solutions For the Pantry

The pantry is an essential part of the average kitchen. The pantry stores all non-refrigerated food supplies you have at home, which means this humble cabinet must be kept clean and sanitised

The Dirtiest Places in Your Kitchen

There are two types of kitchens – the ones which see a lot of regular cleaning, and the ones which don’t. No matter how much or how little cleaning attention you pay

Social House Cleaning

If you thought social networking was only for pleasure, and done on computers, think again because house cleaning is going social. What does this actually mean? Let’s start at the start –

Prep Up Your Home For Winter

Getting your home ready for the cold part of the year is a well worth it exercise, although it might seem unnecessary. Prepping up the house for winter will not only make

Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Common household problems which require basic repairs can be handled on your own quite effectively without having to engage the services of technicians or handymen. Before going any further, you must make

Laundry Day – Don’t Avoid It, Just Make it Easier!

Laundry day, the worst day of the week, some people resent washing clothes even more than going to work on a Monday. Doing the laundry doesn’t have to be a problem though,

Expecting House Guests? Make Sure Your Place is Looking Its Best!

Guests and house visitors are always a pleasure to have, or so you hope. Regardless of how you feel about receiving guests at home, your place must be clean and fresh as

Keep Your Spice Rack In Order

Herbs and spices have been a precious commodity during the centuries, armies fought wars over trade routes for exotic spices, and fortunes have been made by trading with these precious roots, leaves,

Cleaning the House – Which Rooms Come First

Have you ever been in a situation where you have the skill and will to clean your entire house from top to bottom, but you just don’t know where to begin? Don’t

Spring Cleaning Chores – How to Make Them Easier and More Manageable

Most households perform their own spring cleaning every year. Doing so is necessary in many respects, as a full scale spring clean-up of the entire house will improve indoor hygiene for months

How to Choose Your Carpet

Although many households and offices are making the switch to hard flooring or composite flooring surfaces as opposed to traditional carpeting, there are still many people out there who appreciate the qualities

Tenancy Cleaning – What You Need To Know

Most vacating tenants have the compulsory requirement to arrange a professional end of tenancy cleaning for the rental they are moving out of. If there is someone out there who is entertaining

Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning?

There seems to be somewhat of a debate over which is better and more effective – steam cleaning or dry cleaning. Before shedding some light on the matter, it must be duly

Professional Cleaners – Just How Professional Are They Really?

Any person, who has had to find and secure the services of a professional cleaning company, knows how fierce the competition amongst service providers really is. When sifting through numerous cleaning service

Spring Cleaning – Does it Work with Other Seasons Too?

Spring cleaning, as the name suggests is usually a full scale property cleaning process which people do before the warmer parts of the year. Such elaborate cleaning is reserved for spring, as

Carpet Stain Removal

Carpets in the home or office are at risk of spills and stains every single day. If one of your carpets has already fallen victim to stubborn stains or heavy soiling, you

How to Make End of Tenancy Cleaning Less of A Hassle

Many tenants find the prospect of having to deal with end of tenancy cleaning quite frustrating, even daunting at times. Indeed, tenancy cleaning requirements can be a real nuisance to deal with,

Cleaning Tiled Surfaces

Effective and risk-free cleaning of tiled surfaces requires a certain amount of knowledge and expertise. Although tiled surfaces like flooring and walls are very durable and resistant to different chemicals and abrasives,

How to Choose the Best Property Cleaners

Many households and businesses have made the switch to professional property cleaning services. This is not unusual, and many people are starting to appreciate the benefits of having their property cleaning requirements

How to Make Spring Cleaning Greener

The idea of a full scale spring cleaning of your home is to freshen up the place after the drowsy winter months and have every room ready for spring and summer. A

Dust Allergies and Their Causes

Dust allergies are not uncommon in many households. In this case, asthma is left out of the equation, as it is a specific medical condition which can be both genetic and environmental

Why Professional Tenancy Cleaning is The Better Option

Many vacating tenants would be tempted to save some money from their end of tenancy cleaning obligations and try to deal with the entire rental property cleaning process on their own. Although

Trendy Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners have been a housekeeper’s best friend since their invention in the opening decades of the twentieth century. The average vacuum cleaner has come a long way since the horse-drawn, or

Top Secret Cleaning Tips – Revealed

The secret to efficient and hassle-free house cleaning routine is not so hush-hush after all! Here are some basic tips which will save you time, effort and money. Although simple and easy